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The South 12th Street grade crossing in the Village of New Hyde Park is one of eight street-level crossings along the LIRR Main Line to be eliminated as part of the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville. Currently, the South 12th Street grade crossing poses a safety risk to drivers, pedestrians and LIRR customers; contributes to noise and air pollution; and is responsible for lengthy commutes for both drivers and LIRR customers. Specifically, as trains approach the station in New Hyde Park, grade crossing gates are in the down position 32 to 42 percent of the time in the AM and PM peak hour periods. The need for grade crossing elimination is further illustrated by the fact that there was a total of six fatal crashes at grade crossing locations in the LIRR Main Line corridor between 2007 to 2017.

Vehicular traffic across the LIRR tracks will be permanently closed at the South 12th Street grade crossing. A pedestrian underpass will be built in the vicinity of South 12th Street, to maintain connectivity and access. Traffic will be diverted a quarter-mile away to either Covert Avenue or New Hyde Park Road, which will be grade-separated by new underpasses.

The configuration for this grade crossing elimination was designed in conjunction with the Village of New Hyde Park after careful evaluation of several alternatives. The MTA and the Design-Builder for the LIRR Expansion Project are working closely with Village officials to complement the Village’s plans for rezoning and redevelopment. Ultimately, this grade crossing elimination will enhance safety and provide for a quieter and more livable community along the railroad. The elimination of the South 12th Street grade crossing is part of the LIRR Expansion Project to strengthen the reliability of LIRR infrastructure and ultimately support the growth and development of Long Island.

New Hyde Park Village Residents Meeting - 04-03-19

LIRR Expansion Project Team Presents at New Hyde Park Village Residents Open House

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On April 3rd, the LIRR Expansion Project Team presented information on current and upcoming construction activities in New Hyde Park and upcoming traffic detours to support the Covert Avenue grade crossing elimination at an open house public information event for Village of New Hyde Park residents. Traffic, design, construction, environmental,…

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