Armando Mariño’s artwork, “The Guardian Angel,” Installed at Brentwood Station

The Guardian Angel (2018) © Armando Mariño, LIRR Brentwood Station

Armando Mariño’s artwork, “The Guardian Angel,” is inspired by the historic development of Brentwood and its present as a community. Featuring richly colored flowers from the country of origin of many of Brentwood’s residents, such as Mexican Dahlias, Peruvian qantu, and Salvadorean Flor de Izote, as well as native flowers of Long Island. A guardian owl representing Brentwood’s idyllic past protects the garden. Mariño feels the art serves as a metaphor for cultures living harmoniously, and he used bright, alluring colors and brushwork as an invitation to “discover the beauty of life that needs to be preserved… [flowers] always come back after a hard winter like a reminder that there is always hope for a better future.” This unique laminated glass work of art was fabricated by Tom Patti Studio.

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