Big Week at Penn Station 05-15-20

The East End Gateway project continues to progress. Just this past week, three massive escalator trusses were hosted into place. These are the frames that will soon support the escalators up to the iconic new entrance at 33rd Street that is also under construction. Check out the video above!

In addition to the new entrance, the East End Gateway project also includes a wider LIRR concourse, higher ceilings, new wayfinding signage, and improved access and circulation.

These escalators will carry passengers two stories up from the LIRR concourse to the street level pedestrian plaza — traveling at a speed of 100 feet per minute, passengers will reach the street, or concourse, level within 60 seconds.

The state-of-the-art escalators are equipped with smart features including heaters to ensure operation during cold weather and a “sleep mode,” for periods of inactivity, that will save energy and increase its longevity.

The massive trusses, which weigh more than 32,000 lbs each, are 72’ long and have a rise (height) of nearly 30’. Manufactured by KONE Inc in Coal Valley, Illinois, the trusses were transported to a warehouse in New Jersey as six separate pieces. There, they were assembled from six pieces into three prior to arrival at Penn Station for hoisting and installation.

For more information and construction photos, visit the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse project page on