Bridge Replacement Kicks into High Gear at Accabonac Road in East Hampton

Bridge replacement work at Accabonac Road in East Hampton has kicked into high gear following a track outage in the wee hours of October 15th and the delivery of large bridge components via barge through the Shinnecock Inlet. The new Accabonac Road Bridge was delivered to the site the night of October 21st; the North Main Street Bridge will be delivered to the site as the team gets closer to its installation date.

New Accabonac Road bridge arrives via barge.
Accabonac Road Bridge being off-loaded from the barge.
Accabonac Road Bridge delivered to the worksite at night.

During the first 30 hours of the outage the LIRR Track Department surfacing crews dumped ballast and raised the tracks to prepare for removal of the old Accabonac Road Bridge; The LIRR Structures Department removed and demolished the old bridge on October 17th.

Removal of old Accabonac Road Bridge.

Three of four caissons (drill shafts) are now complete, while the fourth is being drilled, with concrete placement to follow.

Drilling shaft.
Shaft concrete installation after completion of drilling.
Rebar installation.

LIRR Structures Department personnel are continuing installation of the south retaining wall between Accabonac Road Bridge and North Main Street Bridge – the wall is 50% complete.

Retaining wall footings.

Beginning October 24th, LIRR Structures personnel are installing concrete pier caps and approach slabs, with this work to be completed by October 27th. The placement of the new Accabonac Road Bridge is scheduled for October 28th, with site restoration and temporary paving the following day. Accabonac Road will reopen on October 30th. The installation of the new North Main Street Bridge will follow the installation of the Accabonac Road Bridge.

The Accabonac Road and North Main Street Bridges, located in the Village of East Hampton along the Montauk Branch, were constructed in 1895. Separated by about 500 feet, the North Main Street Bridge is the westernmost bridge and currently has a posted clearance of 10 feet; the Accabonac Road Bridge, the easternmost bridge, has a posted clearance of 9 feet 9 inches. The LIRR will raise the vertical roadway clearance of these bridges with the installation of new single span steel bridge structures. The new height clearance will allow trucks to safely pass underneath the bridges. For more information and construction photos, please visit the Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridge Replacements project page on