Linden Avenue Pedestrian Underpass

Linden Avenue Underpass 02-14-20

Floral Park Refresh: Linden Avenue Pedestrian Underpass Nears Completion

By | Linden Avenue Pedestrian Underpass, LIRR Expansion Project

Construction to replace the Linden Avenue underpass in Floral Park has entered its final stages, now that the demolition of existing walls and underpass footings has been completed. The underpass, originally constructed in 1960, provides pedestrian access to the Floral Park Pool and Recreation Center from points north of the…

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Linden Avenue Underpass - 04-19-19

Floral Park: Construction Underway at Linden Avenue Underpass – New Structure Will Accommodate Third LIRR Track

By | Linden Avenue Pedestrian Underpass

The Linden Avenue pedestrian underpass to the Floral Park Recreation Center is now closed so workers can prepare to replace it with a new structure to accommodate a third LIRR track, as part of the LIRR Expansion Project. The underpass, originally constructed in 1960, currently provides pedestrian access to the…

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