Construction in Full Swing at East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse in Penn Station

LIRR Train Hall (Rendering) - May 2019

Construction at the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse in Penn Station is off to a strong start since the project got underway in June of this year, with night work ongoing since July to minimize impact on commuters and visitors. The focal point of this new project will be the East End Gateway – a gleaming new entrance at 7th Avenue and 33rd Street. This improvement will result in a significant decrease in crowding, greater entry/egress capacity, and wider concourses. Also, this project will include notably higher ceilings – providing bright lighting, new wayfinding signage, ticketing and informational systems.

East End Gateway-LIRR Concourse - 09-16-19

Plywood barriers have been erected so passengers can get to and from their trains and to 7th and 8th Avenues while work progresses. At the site of the former Duane Reade across from the LIRR ticket counter, crews are working to add 2,600 square feet (the former pharmacy) to the concourse. The northeastern corner of the site will be reconfigured as the area near 7th Avenue is readied for the three new escalators and stairwell just west of the entrance to NYC Transit’s 1-2-3 trains, which will connect the concourse to the new 33rd Street entrance.

East End Gateway-LIRR Concourse - 09-16-19

Temporary steel girders have been placed above the corridor, at intervals, from the 7th Avenue side to the 8th Avenue side, and plywood decking will be installed atop these supports so crews can raise the ceiling above the corridor without interfering with the passage of pedestrians along the corridor.

A Public Information Center (PIC) will be opening at the concourse level by year end. The PIC will be a resource to inform the public about the ongoing construction activities, exciting new features of the Penn East End Gateway – LIRR Concourse and will host events, such as lectures and project information sessions.

East End Gateway-LIRR Concourse - 09-16-19

The overall Penn Station redevelopment master plan continues to move forward and will fully transform the LIRR Concourse into a modern, world-class transportation hub. For more information and construction photos, please visit the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse project page on