Construction Is Almost Complete at Northport Station

Northport Station 10-29-18Construction is almost complete at Northport Station, and the station building is scheduled to be open the week of November 12th. Interior demolition is complete and electrical and plumbing rough‐in are ongoing. Most exterior painting is finished, and gutters are being installed. HVAC installation continues, as does the rough‐in for the burglar and fire alarms and for free public Wi‐Fi. The Terrazzo tiling of the floor is complete, as is the tiling of the waiting room walls and bathroom. The brick exterior will be washed and patched, and the window openings are being prepared for the installation of new windows.

Concrete work has started in the plaza: old concrete is being removed in preparation of the installation of new stamped concrete. The ADA ramp has been installed, and the sidewalk has been dug from the ramp to Laurel Road.