Lynbrook Gets Renewed Platforms: First Phase Nears Completion

As part of a $17.9 million transformation, Lynbrook station is undergoing an upgrade to its infrastructure and amenities are being added to improve customer comfort and security. Work on Platform A and Platform B at Lynbrook Station began in September at the west end of each platform, and the first segment of renewal work six-car lengths long is nearly complete. Platforms have been resealed and tactile warning strips and platform edges have been power-washed and repainted. Platform lighting is being upgraded to modern LED technology, and new translucent canopy roofing has been delivered and is currently being installed atop the west end platform canopies. There are a total of six platform canopies at Lynbrook Station, three on each platform, and all six will receive new translucent canopy roofing.

Demolition of the waiting rooms on both platforms is underway, and the modernized waiting rooms will be heated and will provide USB charging stations and other amenities to LIRR customers, including CCTV cameras. Once the waiting rooms are completed, platform work, including canopy roofing will continue eastbound in six-car segments to the end of the platform. These repairs, upgrades and new amenities will greatly improve the experience of the more than 5,000 customers who use Lynbrook Station each weekday.

Phase Two of the Lynbrook Station Enhancement, which begins in 2020, is part of the next capital program and is devoted to street level improvements. During this phase, the bridge from Broadway to Atlantic Avenue will be painted and the sidewalks will be repaired, as will asphalt and concrete curbs, and the entire station will be renovated: the floors and walls will be replaced, bathrooms will be installed, and the station interior will be painted; new signage will be installed, lighting and benches will be replaced, the station exterior – including its columns – will be power-washed, and the bird deterrent netting will be replaced. New amenities such as bike racks, interactive displays, a new technology counter desk and an information totem will be installed, all to enhance the overall customer experience and improve safety and ease.

The enhancement of Lynbrook Station is part of a broader LIRR initiative to strengthen the reliability and resiliency of LIRR infrastructure and to support the growth and development of Long Island. For more information, please visit the Lynbrook Station Enhancement project page on