MTA Shifts Penn Station Focus to Concourse

Following the opening of the East End Gateway to Penn Station late last year, momentum has shifted to the LIRR Concourse in 2021’s first quarter. MTA Construction & Development and its contractors will revamp the 33rd Street Corridor at Penn Station by raising the ceilings, widening the corridors, improving lighting and airflow, adding new wayfinding signage, enhancing retail and dining options, and providing key accessibility improvements.

LIRR Corridor 03-23-21Crews work to widen the LIRR corridor

Wood decking has been installed overhead along the 33rd Street Corridor to protect the public during construction. Additionally, all existing retail in the LIRR Concourse has closed temporarily to facilitate the process of widening the corridor from 30 to 57 feet and raising the ceiling height to 18 feet.

During construction, customers can access amenities and LIRR track information upstairs in the Amtrak Concourse. In the coming weeks, Hudson News pop-ups will be located in the LIRR Concourse where passengers may purchase coffee, newspapers, and other concessions.

LIRR Corridor - Rendering - 08-17-19Rendering of completed LIRR corridor

Upcoming activities include critical accessibility improvements, including a brand-new elevator from Seventh Avenue at 33rd Street down to the LIRR Concourse and the rehabilitation of four existing elevators.

The LIRR Concourse Project is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2023. For more information and construction progress photos, visit the East End Gateway and LIRR Concourse project page on

The ramping up of work on the Concourse project following the grand opening of the East End Gateway to Penn Station at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue. The new entrance has effectively doubled the ingress and egress between the street level and the LIRR Concourse. Three new state-of-the-art escalators and a staircase provide direct and easy access to the LIRR Concourse as well as New York City Transit’s 1/2/3 and A/C/E subway lines.

New Seventh Avenue entrance at W. 33rd Street - 03-17-21New Seventh Avenue entrance at W. 33rd Street

A dramatic glass and steel canopy rises up 40-feet from street level, giving Penn Station a visible front door identity on Seventh Avenue. The new entrance is equipped with a dynamic lighting display, marking the East End Gateway as one of New York City’s iconic illuminated landmarks. To date, the canopy’s festive lighting has marked the celebration of holidays such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day and others.