David Morrison Book Signing - 11-27-18

Happy Birthday, Long Island Rail Road! The LIRR turned 185 years old on April 24, and former LIRR branch manager and current LIRR historian Dave Morrison and others sat down with Newsday to reminisce about the railroad’s eventful history. Stephen Quigley, president of the Long Island Sunrise Trail Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, noted that the planned system expansion projects under the LIRR Modernization Program, including the LIRR Expansion Project, East Side Access and the recently-completed Double Track, are significant advancements for the LIRR: “The flexibility that it will give the railroad will be just phenomenal”.  The entire article is available here: https://www.newsday.com/long-island/transportation/lirr-185-years-anniversary-historian-1.30160819

For more information about the modernization of the LIRR, please visit AModernLI.com.