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Accabonac Road Bridge - 03-01-19

Construction Progresses at Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridge Replacements Projects

By | Accabonac Road Bridge and North Main Street Bridge

Construction continues to progress at the Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridges replacement project, which comprises two entire bridge replacements, raising them higher by a few feet to reduce or eliminate truck strikes. The brand-new bridges are under construction in a factory in Pennsylvania and, once finished, will be shipped from…

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Hicksville Station - 02-22-19 (Photo by MTA Capital Construction/Trent Reeves)

Roy Nicholson’s “Hempstead Plain, Morning & Evening (2018)” Installed at Hicksville Station

By | Hicksville Station

Roy Nicholson’s “Hempstead Plain, Morning & Evening (2018)”, has been installed at Hicksville Station. In 2002 artist Roy Nicholson created glass mosaic artwork for the Hicksville station ticket office and waiting room. When the station underwent a renovation and modernization in 2018, Nicholson was invited back to expand the project…

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Covert Avenue Grade Crossing Elimination 02-22-19

Prep Work to Eliminate Grade Crossing at New Hyde Park Continues

By | Covert Avenue Grade Crossing, LIRR Expansion Project, New Hyde Park Station

Preparation for the excavation of the Covert Avenue grade crossing elimination continues. Support of excavation on the northern side of the project, which required a daytime closure of Covert Avenue for a short period concluded last week. According to a February 20th article in the New Hyde Park Herald Courier,…

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South Tyson Avenue Bridge Modificaton 02-01-19

Columns Installed to Support Beginning of Third Track at Floral Park’s South Tyson Avenue Bridge

By | Accabonac Road Bridge and North Main Street Bridge, LIRR Expansion Project, South Tyson Avenue Bridge

Massive new concrete and steel columns have been constructed to support the structure that will accommodate the beginning of the Third Track at the South Tyson Avenue Bridge modification project. The track, adjacent to the Hempstead branch, will be diverted to the Main Line via a switch and will continue…

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Floral Park Centre Civic Association - 02-21-19

Floral Park Centre Civic Association Receives Project Update from LIRR Expansion Project Team

By | Covert Avenue Grade Crossing, Floral Park Parking Re-Surfacing, Floral Park Station, LIRR Expansion Project, Plainfield Avenue Bridge, South Tyson Avenue Bridge

On February 21, 2019 the LIRR Expansion Project team delivered a project update to the Floral Park Centre Civic Association and discussed ongoing construction activities occurring in and around the village. The presentation included current progress on South Tyson Avenue Bridge, coordination with local schools, and traffic detour plans for…

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WPOA Covers County Reassessment, Third Track Update

By | LIRR Expansion Project, Merillon Avenue Station, Merillon Avenue Substation, Nassau Boulevard Bridge, New Hyde Park Road Grade Crossing, Tanners Pond/Denton Avenue Bridge

Nassau County Legislator Laura Schaefer kicked off the WPOA (Western Property Owners Association) special meeting on County Reassessment and an update on the 3rd Track. The County’s property reassessment initiative drew a large crowd to Homestead School, and Nassau County Legislator Schaefer walked the residents through the tax assessment notice….

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