North Main Street Bridge Rises in East Hampton

Battling the elements on days with strong winds and rain, Long Island Rail Road crews at the Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridges project are roaring ahead, on schedule and on budget, to have both bridges installed this month.

The North Main Street Bridge was set in place on Monday, November 4, and track reconstruction, including installation, ballast placement and surfacing, is underway.

Setting North Main Street Bridge in place.
Setting North Main Street Bridge in place.

Precast bridge support members were installed at Accabonac Bridge on October 28th, and the bridge superstructure was installed on October 30th. The LIRR workforce has kept a good pace on this project since the new Accabonac Road Bridge was just delivered via barge on October 21!

Accabonac Road Bridge - Setting Bridge Superstructure in Place - 10-30-19Setting bridge superstructure in place at Accabonac Road.
Accabonac Road Bridge - Bridge Superstructure Set in Place - 10-30-19Bridge superstructure set in place at Accabonac Road Bridge.
Accabonac Road Bridge - East Pier Cap Accabonac - 10-28-19East pier cap construction at Accabonac Road.
Accabonac Road Bridge - West Pier Cap Accabonac-10-28-19West pier cap construction at Accabonac Road.
Accabonac Road Bridge - 1600 Crane Assembly -10-29-19Crane assembly.

The Accabonac Road and North Main Street Bridges, located in the Village of East Hampton along the Montauk Branch, were constructed in 1895. Separated by about 500 feet, the North Main Street Bridge is the westernmost bridge and currently has a posted clearance of 10 feet; the Accabonac Road Bridge, the easternmost bridge, has a posted clearance of 9 feet 9 inches. The LIRR will raise the vertical roadway clearance of these bridges with the installation of new single span steel bridge structures. The new height clearance will allow trucks to safely pass underneath the bridges. For more information and construction photos, please visit the Accabonac Road/North Main Street Bridge Replacements project page on