One Week Left: LIRR Expansion’s Community Scorecard Submissions Due July 31

Scorecard Results

As part of LIRR Expansion Project, MTACC/LIRR have developed a series of environmental and community commitments in coordination with the Project-adjacent communities to minimize construction-related impacts. MTACC/LIRR have established the Design-Builder Incentive Program, a monetary fund to incentivize 3rd Track Constructors (3TC), the Project’s Design-Builder, to adhere to these commitments.

The deadline for submitting your Community Scorecard has been extended to Wednesday, July 31, 2019. This is an important opportunity for residents in project-adjacent communities to provide input on 3TC’s performance during the second quarter of 2019 (April 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019). This feedback helps determine whether 3TC earns the incentive payment for this quarter, and it’s instrumental in improving construction mitigation techniques and project outreach efforts.

For residents within approximately 400 feet of a project element, a Community Scorecard has been mailed to your home: please follow the directions on the cover letter to complete the scorecard. For those residing beyond 400 feet of a project element, the scorecard is available here:

For the first quarter of 2019, 3TC earned an incentive award of $188,500 out of a possible $250,000.  Respondents in Hicksville and Garden City Park awarded 3TC with the highest scores, while respondents in Carle Place and stakeholders outside the project corridor gave 3TC the lowest marks. 3TC received positive marks on protecting access to businesses, notifying commuters about station platform and parking changes, and 3TC hotline inquiry response times. 3TC will continue to improve on noise and vibrations emanating from construction sites, dust and debris on streets, effectiveness of vehicular traffic detours and satellite parking for workers.

For more information about the LIRR Expansion Project Floral Park to Hicksville, please visit the project page on –