Rehabilitation of Bellmore Station Building Expected to Be Complete December 2018

The rehabilitation of the Bellmore Station building is expected to be completed this month. New benches, USB charging stations, a new ticket window and counter and new information screens have been installed in the station building. Additionally, two bathrooms have been renovated, and new MTA Arts & Design artwork has been installed. Two information totems have been installed outside the station building.

Remaining items include site work, platform waterproofing, canopy roofing replacement, ticket window glazing, installation of free public Wi-Fi, the activation of an AVPS (audio visual projection system) LED screen and information totem, the installation of a bird deterrent system, the installation of burglar and fire alarms, and the installation of CCTV cameras and trash receptacles. There will be new storefront system enclosures at the main staircase, escalator and elevator. New protective illuminated bollards, for improved security, are being installed throughout the plaza area, as is new LED lighting.