SEE IT: Virtual Tour of Our Newly Modernized Port Jefferson Branch Stations

The Port Jefferson Branch, along the beautiful North Shore of Long Island, is where you’ll find some of Long Island’s loveliest and oldest LIRR stations.

The modernization of four of these stations – Port Jefferson, Stony Brook, Northport and Syosset – was completed this year, with impeccable renovations of the historic Port Jefferson, Stony Brook and Northport station buildings; Syosset Station received an entirely rebuilt station, and an exquisite MTA Arts & Design installation, Tom Fruin’s “Sail” (2019), a 21’ tall stainless steel and plexiglass sculpture, has been installed at the entrance of the station building.

Port Jefferson Station has been returned to its early-20th century grandeur: its plaza was reconfigured and repaved, and its parking areas were improved – the station is also now home to David McQueen’s sculpture, “…the vast and endless sea…” (2018), a stainless-steel sculpture comprising three ships – a schooner, a yawl and a sloop – held aloft by 52 boat stands ranging in height between 12 and 22 feet (the sculpture commemorates Port Jefferson’s shipbuilding past). Northport’s historic station house, built in 1927, has been completely restored, as has the historic Stony Brook station house, which was completed 102 years ago in 1917, the same year the United States entered World War I.

With enhanced amenities, each station now offers LIRR customers USB charging stations, improved wayfinding signage, information displays, new benches and free public Wi-Fi, enhancements to speed your trip and make your wait pleasant and productive. Enjoy the tour!

Improving the LIRR Today, and For Generations to Come

The LIRR Modernization Program is a multibillion dollar investment in the regional transportation infrastructure that aims to foster Long Island’s economic growth for generations to come. This comprehensive program to reconstruct and improve the LIRR system is moving forward with planning, design and construction. These projects range from large system expansion efforts, such as the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville, East Side Access and the Double Track Project from Farmingdale to Ronkonkoma, to improvements to existing infrastructure, such as substation replacements and station enhancements. Collectively, these projects will work together to improve the overall LIRR system efficiency and reliability.

Each distinct project works to advance the goal of modernizing Long Island’s transportation system. Through these modernization efforts, traveling on the LIRR is becoming faster, more reliable and more comfortable. The program will provide more commuting options between New York City and Long Island as well as intra-Island service. It is vital that these improvements to the LIRR system happen now to make working and living on Long Island easier and to ensure Long Island’s economic prosperity for the next century. For more information and photos of ongoing construction please visit