Take a Ride through Our Modernized Ronkonkoma Branch Stations (Video)

Do you ride on the Ronkonkoma Branch? Approximately 50,000 customers ride the Ronkonkoma Branch each weekday and, if you’re one of them, chances are you’ve passed by or through one of our recently renovated stations at Brentwood, Deer Park, or Farmingdale. (Fun fact: Farmingdale was built back in 1890, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places!)

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see it in person (or even if you have), check out this video and get an up-close glimpse at the how the we upgraded each station with a customer-focus in mind:

Brentwood Station

The Brentwood station building has been completely rehabilitated and modernized, bringing several ADA-accessible elements to our customers. New amenities at the station include benches, digital information totems, trash cans, USB charging stations and free public Wi-Fi. The sidewalks outside the station have been improved, and the pedestrian overpass has been refreshed. Armando Mariño’s artwork, “The Guardian Angel” (2018), installed in the station waiting room, is inspired by the historic development of Brentwood and its present as a community. Featuring richly colored flowers from the country of origin of many of Brentwood’s residents, such as Mexican Dahlias, Peruvian qantu and Salvadorean Flor de Izote, as well as native flowers of Long Island. A guardian owl representing Brentwood’s idyllic past protects the garden.

Deer Park Station

Improvements at Deer Park include interior and exterior building renovations and platform renewal, free Wi-Fi, USB charging stations, and digital information totems, and the area surrounding the station has been rehabilitated with sidewalk and curb improvements and new bike racks. William Low’s “Deer Park Dahlias” (2018) has been installed in the station building: Low’s scene of vibrantly colored dahlias in a pastoral field creates a contemplative space in the station waiting room – the large-scale flowers shift the viewer’s perspective, providing an experience of childlike wonder at the natural world.

Farmingdale Station

The restored Farmingdale Station is a treasure. Renovations include a new waiting room with terrazzo flooring, newly redone ADA-accessible restrooms, tile and wood wall and ceiling finishes, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing and HVAC upgrades. Getting around the station is now easier, thanks to a rehabilitated pedestrian underpass and new wayfinding signage. Other completed improvements include bike racks, benches, USB charging stations, technology counters, LCD information displays, new CCTV cameras, improved ADA accessibility, platform shelter sheds, LED platform lighting, free public Wi-Fi and digital information display totems.

About the LIRR Modernization Program

The LIRR Modernization Program is a multibillion dollar investment in the regional transportation infrastructure that aims to foster Long Island’s economic growth for generations to come. This comprehensive program to reconstruct and improve the LIRR system is moving forward with planning, design and construction. These projects range from large system expansion efforts, such as the LIRR Expansion Project from Floral Park to Hicksville, East Side Access and the Double Track Project from Farmingdale to Ronkonkoma, to improvements to existing infrastructure, such as substation replacements and station enhancements. Collectively, these projects will work together to improve the overall LIRR system efficiency and reliability.

Each distinct project works to advance the goal of modernizing Long Island’s transportation system. Through these modernization efforts, traveling on the LIRR will become faster, more reliable, and more comfortable. The program will provide more commuting options between New York City and Long Island as well as intra-Island service. It is vital that these improvements to the LIRR system happen now to make working and living on Long Island easier and to ensure Long Island’s economic prosperity for the next century. For more information, please visit AModernLI.com.