The Rehabilitation of Flushing Main Street Bridge Is Finished

Flushing Main Street Bridge Rehabilitation 11-11-19

The rehabilitation of the Flushing Main Street Bridge is complete! The Flushing Main Street Bridge, built in 1913, is in Flushing, Queens, and serves the Port Washington Branch, carrying two Port Washington Branch tracks over five lanes of vehicular traffic. The bridge experienced years of deterioration, and rehabilitation was necessary to reduce maintenance, prolong the life of the structure and prevent emergency steel repairs. The LIRR has rehabilitated the bridge, including steel rehabilitation and removal of loose concrete from the deck underside. A center median has been constructed beneath the bridge. The center median under the bridge provides safety for traffic flow. It divides the northbound and southbound travel lanes on Main Street providing an extra level of safety for vehicles, buses and trucks utilizing the roadway.

The rehabilitation of Flushing Main Street Bridge is part of broader LIRR initiative to enrich the customer experience and to support the economic development of Long Island and the region. For more information and photos, please visit the Flushing Main Street Bridge project page on